Employee potential analysis

Documenting and evaluating existing management competences in the context of your company’s strategic orientation

Your economic success is built on your people. To lead your company to a glorious future, it is essential to recognize the potential of key employees and managers, and promote this systematically.

Employee analysis transforms the skills of your key employees into a competitive advantage.

Our evaluation is based on comprehensive market knowledge and years of HR experience, guaranteeing a reliable and verifiable evaluation of management as a basis for accurate prediction of an executive’s willingness to change and level of performance.

In company takeovers, mergers and reorganizations our management evaluations offer objective and informative data on:

  • individual skills
  • efficiency in team work
  • strengths and weaknesses of the organizational structure
  • effectiveness and functioning of the management instruments
  • distribution of competence and experience
  • generation leaps
  • centres of excellence
  • structure and communication network

Employee potential analysis is not a rigid programme. We work with you to determine the relevant competences and metrics for evaluating your management. Thanks to the modular structure, we are able to tailor our evaluation model concretely to your specific needs.

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