Intercultural interview training

High-quality, practical interview management seminars for top managers and HR executives

The best foundation for a solid corporate success story is an optimal team. The way you pick your employees in your company is the decisive factor.

As international HR advisors we offer competence-based training which draws on our extensive intercultural experience to raise even experienced experts to the next level.

In our seminar, managers and HR executives learn to manage structured and behaviour-oriented depth interviews and design informative hiring meetings.

Besides various types of personality and competence oriented issues, we use interactive interview situations to explore conscious reflection and useful integration of self-perception, the proverbial gut feeling, and the perception of applicants through personal cultural orientation.

  • Fundamental tools of the structured interview
  • Goals and phases of the application meeting
  • Types of questions and interview techniques
  • Observation and assessment
  • Models of perception
  • Flexible handling of difficult situations
  • Tips, do’s and don’ts of interview management
  • Legal aspects

After completing our training, you and your employees will make successful HR decisions, thanks to your newly honed judgement and planned use of goal-oriented techniques

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