Professional assistance to companies and employees in reorientation phases

When the future of your company is at stake, sometimes you have no choice but to let employees go.

How these inevitable measures are communicated and implemented is decisive – for your corporate culture and for the working climate in your company.

We offer future-oriented outplacement counselling in this tense situation.

Professional outplacement is an inestimable benefit for all involved, as it …

  • demonstrates your sense of responsibility (Even in difficult situations your company acts in accordance with the high standards of your corporate values.)
  • strengthens your company’s positive image and reputation as an attractive employer
  • motivates your remaining employees (These are the best, the people you absolutely have to retain.)
  • is important as an attractive offer for your works council
  • enables all involved to keep face (A respectful and fair separation makes it possible for you and your former employee to reunite later.)
  • pays off (The faster your former employees find a new position, the lower the costs to you, as residual contract terms and periods of notice can often be reduced in this way.)
  • soothes the way to a low-conflict and successful future (People in outplacement counselling are more likely to focus on occupational prospects than legal confrontations.)

Granat Executive Search is a member of the German Chamber of Commerce (DHK) in Austria. If you are also a DHK member, you will find an exclusive offer here:

Members4Members-Programm Deutsche Handelskammer

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