Top Management

Optimal pick for particularly sensitive positions (confidential direct contact)

From systematic market analysis through accurate candidate identification, selection and contact to filling the vacant management position: Executive search is custom-matched to your company’s vision. Our key expertise is direct contact, in a perfect balance between discretion in dealing with candidates and transparency for the client. In the field of direct search, our methodological competence, comprehensive market knowledge, and finely-calibrated network in the top segment of decision makers are key elements in successfully filling posts in your best interests.

  • We quickly and accurately identify the best top management figures and contact them discreetly to interest them in the challenging tasks at your company.
  • We precisely identify which specialists fit well with your organization in terms of quality, motivation and social competence, carry out a 360° evaluation of their suitability, and present you with a shortlist of the most suitable applicants.
  • After successful hiring, we assist you and your new top executive with the decisive first steps towards optimal cooperation.

The entire search process requires absolute integrity and discretion, and we approach it with the utmost confidentiality.

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