My Services for You

  • Align your key people with company strategy while minimizing risks and maximizing human assets leverages
  • Support in appointment decisions of internal candidates
  • SWOT analysis of the participants
  • Preparation of a detailed written summary for all participants
  • Presentation of the process to all participants and Q&A session
  • Expertly structured in-depth personal interview conducted with full appreciation and high esteem of your executives
  • Detailed and meaningful documentation on each participant
  • Presentation of results to immediate superior, Senior Management Team, Supervisory Board
  • Creation of individual development plans for each executive and for the managerial teams
  • Careful, respectful and goal-oriented feedback in a private conversation with each participant

The Benefits to You and Your Managerial Team

We will

  • Provide you with a richly nuanced, sophisticated understanding of executive’ strengths and potential
  • Offer you an objective and reliable basis for realistically focusing each leader’s development plans on the one or two areas where improvement will make the most difference
  • Increase managerial performance at individual and team levels
  • Help your executives understand themselves better, which can lead to a productive resetting of expectations around their future ambitions
  • Provide decision-makers with a sound support for managing of key people and individuals contributing to the success of the company strategy

Increasing Motivation

  • By nature, any alignment process has a clear impact on the attitude of employees when it becomes a reality
  • Commitment of informal opinion leaders and productivity of key talents can be the most crucial issue
  • Avoiding clashes between (new) corporate policies and individual anticipations creates the first condition of success
  • Dealing efficiently with cultural, organizational and HR issues have a direct effect on business results and performance
  • Stabilize key talents and guarantee integration of pacemakers
  • (New) expectations can be clearly communicated

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